Text: DMBAND1 to (833) 676-2118 for bus updates


Check-in takes place at The Milwaukee Brat House - Downtown from 2:30pm - 3:15pm. The last bus leaves at 3:30pm. The ride to Alpine valley is about 1 hour and you will be arriving a couple hours before show time. 

After you have checked-in upstairs, please make sure to not leave the premises so you don't miss your bus. During check-in, please refrain from ordering food as the check-in process moves quickly and we don't want you to miss your bus. 

Once we have checked in enough to fill a coach bus, we will make an announcement to head to the back door of the Brat House and a staff member will direct you to your assigned bus.  

There is a high chance your bus will be full and there might not be an empty seat next to you.  We kindly ask that you stow your belongings in the overhead compartment once you board on the bus to allow room for patrons to board quickly and find seats. Please also make sure you're whole group is present at check-in and during bus boarding if you want to ride and sit with a specific group.

After you have checked in, please wear your lanyard pass for the duration of your trip on the 21st. This is your ticket back onto the bus and back to Milwaukee. If you you bought a 2-day pass, you will need to re-check on the 22nd and you will get a new lanyard for day 2.


Each bus is assigned a chaperone for the duration of your trip. The bus you get on and the chaperone your assigned will be the same on the way there and back. They will give you information on your drop-off and pick-up location, inform you on additional information, and help direct you onto your bus after the game ends. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask your chaperone for assistance.