Milwaukee Brewers Update

Can we catch a break?  The 2013 Milwaukee Brewers season has been tough to watch, but what makes our city great is that we don’t have many fair weather fans.  Our shuttle has been delivering our patrons to Miller Park for every home game this year and we’re always delighted to see a full parking lot at many of the games.

Sure, Braun’s spending some time on the DL and we’ve hit those dog days of summer that as Brewers fans we know too well, but a day at the ballpark trumps most things.  One of the great things about a down year is that going to see a baseball game becomes a little more accessible.  The secondary market for tickets is becoming a bit more reasonable because of the lousy record, but everyone knows that the actual ballgame is the half the experience.  There’s something inherently Milwaukee about enjoying all the sights of a Brewers game, be it Bernie taking a slide or indulging in some of the suds that made Milwaukee famous.  The beautiful thing about summer in Milwaukee is that there will be good days and bad, but the Brewers will always be playing down at Miller Park.  And that’s well worth the price of admission.

Even though we’re in the basement of the NL Central, go out and support your hometown team.  And do it with the Milwaukee Brat House by taking our free shuttle to every home game.  Don’t worry if you’re rooting for the opposing team, there’s plenty of room in the shuttle for any fan of Major League Baseball.

Check out the shuttle page for upcoming Brewers home games.

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